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Hello, beautiful people! My name is Ashley Cassandra, although some of you know me as Lady Hawk! I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, an intuitive tarot reader, an artist, and a witch, on a profound journey towards healing and self-discovery.
   My journey began after a grueling 22 year battle with addiction to heroin, other opioids, and everything & anything that numbed me to this world and my feelings about it. It took alot of time, an unbearable amount of pain, and rigorously honest shadow work to come to the realization that the root of my problems was my self-centeredness, coupled with the pervasive spiritual illness that had been festering beneath the surface. I couldn't quite understand that my dis-ease of addiction stemmed from my disconnection from the Spirit within.
   My road to recovery from drug addiction, codependency, and spiritual illness was riddled with cracks and sinkholes. Along the way, I tripped & stumbled and fell flat on my face, ALOT, but that road eventually lead me to Reiki; which over the years has become such an important part of my spiritual journey and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of love, healing, and creativity!
   In 2016, I began my Reiki training at The Reiki School & Clinic in Philadelphia, PA (I believe they recently relocated). I wasn't quite ready to fully commit until a few years later, in early 2019. Reiki had awoken something in my soul and I felt compelled to continue my training until I reached the Reiki Master-Teacher level.
   I have now been practicing Reiki for almost 8 years. Reiki has played an integral part in helping me to trust my intuition and connect with unexpected gifts that are continuing to unfold! (clairsentience and claircognizance)
  As I dove deeper into my Reiki practice, I found myself drawn to create beautiful crystal candles and anamistic jewelry that would enable me to share with others my experiences with these healing metaphysical energies.
    Created in small batches in my little home studio, these unique pieces are simple, elegant and reflect the subtle complexity of Nature. My exclusive, spiritually crafted, intuitive designs draw on the natural world around us and our relationship with it. Each piece is designed with love & reverence and imbued with energy using a varied mix of bones, plant materia, crystals, metals, textiles, reiki, & alchemy symbols. These special pieces speak to the healing power of handmade art, while my intent is to create beacons of light, helping balance and heal humankind and our Mother Earth.
   Throughout my journey, my two amazing children have blessed me with their support and inspiration. Right alongside these loving little spirits is my other vital source of inspiration....Nature. Communing with nature is an essential part of my healing process, whether it's hiking through the forest, lying on a warm sunny beach listening to the sounds of the ocean, or simply basking in the beauty around me right in my very own backyard. It's in nature that I feel completely present and One with Spirit.
  Overall, I'm just a laid-back, silly,  sensitive, nature-loving soul who's on a continuous quest for deeper meaning and greater fulfillment.

   My sincere hope is that my story & my work inspires and uplifts you on your own path of self-discovery and healing...and should you need it, you can always find my hand to hold along the way.